Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just a quick Hello!

Hi Everyone!!! I am alive and well...hopefully you haven't even noticed that I haven't been around much. I feel like I"m missing out on so will take me catch up on what everyone is doing. I've manged a look or two at a few of my favs..but not nearly all of them. (Love the Bobble Tut Cuckoo)
I'm sure everyone knows what it's like when life goes crazy and you have no time for anything except what other people need or want..I'm there right now..and have been for weeks. I'm hoping( and praying) it's going to get better but now that school is out I'm not as confident. We shall see...I guess they matter most so all is good. Just wanted to check in. I have tons to show and share once I get pics for you. New bags on the completed..and of course NO progress on my Flag Blanket..
Take care everyone..I miss you all