Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another sleepless night...

Howdy ya'll! lol's been one western movie after another tonight(and this morning) ..just in that frame of mind. I've been MIA for the last 3 that sounds like a long time doesn't it. Funny how the older we get the faster time goes by..does anyone else notice that or is it just me?? Don't mind me.. I have a bday coming up in a few months..always makes me think. We had snow cold though!!

I've had plenty of time to get lots of crochet done...I know I know..your still waiting on the promised pictures from Octobers post! Its a bad habit of mine, forgetting to download pictures BUT I have gotten better at other bad habits though..which is part of why you don't see me. I use to whine about never enough time to crochet but I was always reading this blog or that..soooooo when I'm up all night I don't pull out the laptop at all! I crochet instead..Its even put me to sleep a time or two, which the web never did! So while I miss all of you terribly...I do accomplish alot more. I know what your saying..if it's the middle of the night (about 3am here) why are you posting???? Well another thing I agreed to do...and by agree I mean with myself..funny how we talk and treat ourselves huh.. Anyways..I agreed with myself to finish a project before starting I have 15 projects on the go right I finish one I start while that still keeps 15 projects on the go it doesn't let it go up to 25..makes sense..or so it did to me. Well a project I'm just about to finish was left at my in laws tonight..I was in my craft room, yarn thrown everywhere...pattern books out...ready to start that new project...I came so close, so very close BUT I stopped myself. I figured this was the lesser of the two evils, as long as I don't make a habit of it. And yes...there are plenty of other projects here that I could work on..14 to be exact..BUT none of them will be done within a few hours..I'm sure you understand. I say this as though people will read this..well I have to make it sound ok just in never know. ( Hint for the's red white and know, long over due!!!)

There is something I'm pretty proud of that I wanted to share with as many people as I can. And when I say proud I mean I am proud..but it's more shock that we could even do it! My sons class had a was the entire 8th grade actually, for our little town were talking about prolly 150 to 200 kids. The contest was to see who could change their lives and the lives of their family to be more green or environmentally friendly. With most things I start out a ball of fire then kind of fizzle out at the end. Not with this for some reason, even Jeremy got into it. We went on line and looked up things to to change your normal bad routines with kno. I even recycled or revamped a broken picture frame. I'd love to be able to show you a picture. It was a real heavy bevelled glass, one that held me and Jeremys homecoming picture in. The glass part was fine, it was just the back part that was broke. The glass part is about 3 inches wide at the biggest part..really pretty. Well I layed that down flat..put some pretty glass beads(later stones) around a candle and there you have it.. a revamped recycled candle holder. It's really very lovely. I have 3 of them now. (my niece and nephew are heck on my pictures!) About mid way through this contest me and Jeremy are talking about it, trying to put our heads together to really be able to give Hoss a chance to win...thinking..what can we do that most people won't think to do..what can we do that most people are too closed minded about...hmmm..Then Jeremy said what we'll do is get rid of one of the trucks! We'll be a one vehicle family!!! NO one else will do that! I'm thinking yeah..and we ain't either! But after 20 years Jeremys knows me and he keeps going with all the up sides pleading his case...He's retired..I work from home..cheaper insurance..cheaper upkeep..less pollution. I told him I'd think about it but knew my mind was made up..NO WAY..but then I thought about it..why not??? Everything he said was true..why did we need two vehicles? It's very rare that both trucks are ever away from the house at the same time..We're always driving my truck.yes...lets just sell Jeremys least thats what I thought. So I told Jeremy after a few days that I agreed, we could sell his truck..he said HUH?? I thought we'd be selling yours!!Well, I don't want to bore you with all the back and forth. After we talked it out it just made sense to sell mine. Even though it was a birthday gift from him just a few years ago I wasn't attached to mine like he was. Yes it's a great memory that I'll always have, it's not like I would have had my truck forever. To be honest it's my 8th vehicle...Jeremys is his second! I'd say he's a little more then attached!! haha The insurance would be lower on his plus we'd get more money for mine. So we did it! We now only have one vehicle between the two of us. Something we haven't done since we were 19!(and thats only because I didn't get my license until then!) I'm not saying it's easy all the time, things come up..but overall it's for the best. We gave up something but taught the kids a lot more then we gave up. PLUS..HOSS WON! and what did he win?? a $15,000 scholarship towards his college! How awesome is that!! I know not everyone is in a position to do this..and even if you are maybe you don't want to..I just think we should all think about it a little more. Yes the bins in my pantry sometimes get on my nerves from the recycling..but then I think about how little waste we actually put out now that doesn't go to the recycling piles and it's worth it. Some day I hope to see my grand children on this earth..I'm sure they'd like to be able to see the same.. Please don't think I'm preaching, I'm not. Just sharing.:)

This is also something I wanted to share. I found this at a flea market! Bad picture for you to see but it's actually cross stitched. I could not BELIEVE MY LUCK when I seen this. My mother in law use to say this to me all the time when my babys were little..especially when I'd start to fret about this or that not being done. It always seemed to calm me down, it put things in order for me. I've started telling my sister in law this and thought she needed it more then me. It puts things into perspective perfectly! at least I think!

Well this is going to be a pretty boring long as a novel. I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to the time when I have MORE if you all will still be here:) xoxoxotake care!