Monday, February 28, 2011

Stitches have stopped me from stitching!

Colt says "HI"
I really messed up this time! Early Sunday morning I was in my laundry room, thankfully finishing the weeks laundry. In good weather I LOVE to do laundry, love to hang them on the line to dry. But in the winter when I dry everything it seems more like a chore then a pleasure. Anyways...Destiny's hunting knife had found it's way in there some how...
           Let me stop there, in today's world I KNOW I need to explain that last sentence. My daughter, Destiny, and my son Hoss have hunted with their Daddy since they were each about 3 years old. Each at first just going with him and watching and then as they got older handling the dogs and the guns/rifles and such. I apologize for any vegetarian's reading this. Each to their own I say. My hubby was a country boy when I met him at 15 so even though it's not something I would ever do I don't mind so much anymore. I really do get a lot of joy from their dogs (6 total). Hunting dogs, beagles. So cute and so smart! It's amazing how they learn to run a rabbit... But I wouldn't want to offend anyone just the same. I tell you this so you don't think I'm some lunatic mother letting her 12 and 15 yr olds own knives. They've each been through hunter safety courses and they know not to take them to school..and they know the difference between violence in video games and real life. Sorry, a lot of times I feel that I need to explain too much...oh well, while I'm in the long winded mood let me explain one other thing..Haas's name is actually Jeremy Jr,  but he was 10lbs at birth so since the first minute he was born he's been Hoss, I don't think I've explained that middle aged folks in the US will know that name from the TV show "Bonanza" played by actor Dan Blocker. For everyone else that has no idea what I'm talking about it just means he was big. So, just so we're clear I did not NAME my child

Jacklynn,Cowboy, Buckshot playing like
they are camera shy!

.....So back to the hunting knife..I find it in the laundry room, must have come out of their jeans. Whatever possessed me to actually open the knife I don't know. Wish I hadn't! Once I got it open, I couldn't close it! There I stand, in the middle of the room fighting with this very sharp blade and it slips and cuts a huge slice into the top of my hand. Maybe I should have taken the safety courses with them huh! I'm not going to sicken you with the details, I can be kinda queasy myself, but I could see below the skin, so it was pretty deep. Not gonna get anymore graphic then that...sorry. I grab a towel and run upstairs, show it to Jeremy and off to the emergency room we go...2 hours later, a tetanus shot, and several stitches I'm on my way home. Fairly numb, feeling pretty stupid but OK ..everything considered..I take it easy for a while because I had felt lightheaded..not sure if it was seeing the blood or losing it that made me feel that way. As any normal crocheter, I can't just sit in front of the TV, my hands have got to have hook and yarn in them or I feel like I'm wasting time. By this time I'm not quite as numb as I was at first..with each stitch my hand hurts worse..Can you believe my luck! Lots of new yarn and 3 new pattern books and I can't even use it! I'm so frustrated with myself! A stupid 2 second mistake and look whats it's costing me! I haven't been not able to crochet since I first started years ago. I tried to fight through the pain but it is just too great..I'm hoping it should only last a day or so. So here I sit, 430am, not able to sleep for the pain and typing one should be a real joy today! Especially since I type all day long! I really wanted to have a few TADDDAHHSS this week, don't think that's gonna happen!
Clockwise from top,Outlaw, Kain, Abel...
first day of school.

I wasn't going to share this with you guys but thought maybe someone could learn from my mistake..don't mess with things you know nothing about! :) I feel all mistakes are useful as long as you learn from them, I've definitely learned my lesson! Since this one was so painful I thought I'd try to save you the agony....but then again, I'm sure not everyone out there is as stupid as I!
Have a great week and please no messing with knives or any other sharp tools! lol

Sorry, didn't seem real without a picture...

Love Stitch..(Jeremys "original" new term of endearment for me)xoxoxo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Crochet Books...Gotta love it!

I really do love Saturdays. I always have. When my kids were little I'd take them to my moms to spend the day. Now that they are a little older and are usually off running here or there so I usually spend the day doing my shopping, cleaning, and of course laundry. Occasionally I do all of this Friday night as soon as I get off work (like last night) and then Saturday I can do as I please. Well, as Jeremy says I can ALWAYS do as I please but you know as a mother and wife there are just things we HAVE to do. In his eyes the house is never dirty so he doesn't know why I worry about it, oh men, they can be so blind.

My plan had been to look through some new crochet pattern books I just got and maybe find a new project to start. Or who knows..maybe finish one of the many ones I have stashed around my craft room just praying I'll finally pick them back up to complete and find a home. One obsession leads to another...I love to buy to buy crochet books..and they feed off each other..I buy new yarn because something in a new book has caught my eye..then a new book will arrive and I'll see something else and the urge to buy more yarn is overwhelming..can't control it..I'm an addict. Jeremy handles this well, my addiction use to be hand bags and Longaberger baskets..yarn and books are so much less expensive, how can he complain!

Anyways, I'm starting to ramble...Just wanted to share a few new books that I got.. The above book , Beyond the Square, I've had a chance to look at more then the other two. Its a book of 144 motifs...squares, circles, triangles, hexagons, and even odd and unusual shapes. If you like to do piece work it's a great book to have. It's hard back with 202 pages. About 30 pages of the book goes into stitches, motif placements, and yarn selection. Can't wait to take my time and go through it. It gives the patterns in words as well as diagrams. I really want to learn to read diagrams so I can try one of those Japanese books!
I love to make bags so I'm hoping the Tote book will come in hand. It's soft cover, 128 pages with 21 patterns. I wish I could have gotten my camera to take a good picture of the inside of this book. The pictures are such good quality!
And last but not least...The Best of Maggie Weldon, Crochet Afghans...soft cover, 112 pages with 36 patterns. I'm a huge fan of her work so I've seen most of these already but now I have my own book to reference to.
I bought all 3 of these books ON SALE, on line at No, its not just for knitters and best of all tons of their books are on sale, 40% off. Just thought I'd share :) Have a great weekend! Take care..xoxox 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You Ms.Debi!

Hi there! I just knew today was going to be a good day! I was back in my office working and heard the side door open up. I took a break and went to see what Jeremy was doing and guess what he had sitting on the kitchen counter...A big box full of....YARN! The giveaway that I won from Ms.Debi had arrived!
 Look at the cute note she attached to the bag. As if her kindness and generosity wasn't enough!
Three lovely shades of blue and one skein of white..and it smells so nice! At this point I'm standing in my kitchen sniffing the yarn as Jeremy watches me like I've lost my mind. "Why are you smelling it?" He kind of rolls his eyes at me so a shove a roll under his nose "OH! I see what you mean." This shuts him up :)

So, I carry my yarn back the hall to my office and sit it next to me while I go about my business. Now this your not going to believe. A girlfriend from work instant messages me to tell me her brothers girlfriend had her baby, and guess what, IT'S a BOY! Now, was that meant to be or what?!?!
The baby was a little early so I hadn't even begun to think of making a blanket, let alone buy the yarn for it. Funny how things work out isn't it!

Ms.Debi I can't thank you enough. Following your blog is a pleasure, no thanks required!

Monday, February 21, 2011


HI There...just a short note to let everyone know that I WON!!!! The great Ms.Debi from "Hooks,Yarns, Crafts & Gardening" was having a give away and I was one of the lucky winners! My very first. (sorry, don't know how to link her site from here but she is one of my few followers if you'd like to see her sight, its AWESOME!
What a way to start the week! Have a great day!! Take care! xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proud Mom

Hi everyone! What a crazy week I've had. One of those weeks where you really don't stop but it seems like you never really get anything accomplished....yeah, one of those. I've hardly had any hook time for myself...Just a few squares here and there,  I do think they turned out lovely though. A  few are a little bright, to say the least :) don't you think!
I've recently started teaching Destiny how to crochet, which makes me extremely happy. Well... happy is a bit of an understatement. I can remember when she was a toddler and would take the hook from my hands and wrap the yarn around  it, so proud of herself.  I've  tried several different times to teach her over the years. Each time she would try her hardest for a few days and then finally toss it aside in frustration. But this time she's done it! Something finally clicked! YES!!! What a feeling! I'm so proud of her! I have to admit, it does take a good bit of time from my own crocheting, but who cares... right! It won't always be like that...I know my days of being "needed" are numbered so I'm enjoying them while they last. After al1, she is 15...will be 16 in 3 months (as she keeps reminding me).
I would love to share with you what she's working on but, like her father, she is a perfectionist and has already informed me that no pictures are allowed yet. You can be sure as soon as I'm given the "OK"  I will have plenty of them posted .
I had her start with a chain, then single crochet, then double. I had her try just a basic granny square and this was a lot harder. I'm not sure if it's my teaching abilities or lack thereof, or what. Any suggestions? Maybe it's just too much too fast...

My son on the other hand, has started his first semester in sewing class. As you can imagine he is not at all happy about this. Hoss is 100% boy and feels this is such a waste of his time. Trying to get him more excited about the idea, I took a trip to Joann's and found the most adorable wildlife fabric. A mountain view with Elk, Bear and Deer. (his class is making gym bags) He likes the material but I don't think it changed his view much. Thankfully he's a pretty layed  back kid, so even if it's not his favorite thing, I'm sure he'll still do a great job.
I did find this remnant while I was at Joann's. It's very similar to what I bought for Hoss and I knew Jeremy would just love it... So, I made him a pillow. What do you think? Nothing fancy, took  maybe 15 minutes. I think it's pretty "deer" hehehe. For $2 I couldn't pass it up.

 Take care! Have a great day!xoxo

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Granny Square Bag's all down hill from here! Just two more days and the weekend is here!

 I'm still looking at a sea of snow outside my window but my mood has improved a great deal. I apologize for my grumpiness. Funny how finishing a project can change your outlook on things so quickly. It may be freezing outside, there may be mountains of snow everywhere but I get to start a NEW crochet endeavor, and somehow that makes everything else seem alright.

A few weeks ago while working on some squares for SIBOL an idea had come to mind. Many years ago I use to work as a nursing assistant in a nursing home. A group of ladies would meet weekly and crochet/knit blankets, shawls, and bags for the residents. I remembered how much the residents enjoyed receiving bags that would attach to their walkers.( In the UK you guys call them "Zimmer Frames") So I thought maybe I would make a few and send along with my squares to Ms.Sue. Figured she could donate them to the nursing homes when she delivered  her lovely blankets. Since I'm still compiling my crochet squares and haven't actually mailed anything internationally I had no idea how expensive the postage would be. It was a good idea in theory, just not to be mailed thousands of miles away. 

 So...instead of frogging the bag I was already halfway finished, I made a few alterations...added a strap and a few buttons and this is what I ended up with. I thought maybe I'd use it as a crochet bag but Destiny has already claimed it for herself. I feel honored that something I made with my own hands is worthy enough for her to wear to school.  She actually made my day...xoxoxo