Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Crochet Books...Gotta love it!

I really do love Saturdays. I always have. When my kids were little I'd take them to my moms to spend the day. Now that they are a little older and are usually off running here or there so I usually spend the day doing my shopping, cleaning, and of course laundry. Occasionally I do all of this Friday night as soon as I get off work (like last night) and then Saturday I can do as I please. Well, as Jeremy says I can ALWAYS do as I please but you know as a mother and wife there are just things we HAVE to do. In his eyes the house is never dirty so he doesn't know why I worry about it, oh men, they can be so blind.

My plan had been to look through some new crochet pattern books I just got and maybe find a new project to start. Or who knows..maybe finish one of the many ones I have stashed around my craft room just praying I'll finally pick them back up to complete and find a home. One obsession leads to another...I love to buy to buy crochet books..and they feed off each other..I buy new yarn because something in a new book has caught my eye..then a new book will arrive and I'll see something else and the urge to buy more yarn is overwhelming..can't control it..I'm an addict. Jeremy handles this well, my addiction use to be hand bags and Longaberger baskets..yarn and books are so much less expensive, how can he complain!

Anyways, I'm starting to ramble...Just wanted to share a few new books that I got.. The above book , Beyond the Square, I've had a chance to look at more then the other two. Its a book of 144 motifs...squares, circles, triangles, hexagons, and even odd and unusual shapes. If you like to do piece work it's a great book to have. It's hard back with 202 pages. About 30 pages of the book goes into stitches, motif placements, and yarn selection. Can't wait to take my time and go through it. It gives the patterns in words as well as diagrams. I really want to learn to read diagrams so I can try one of those Japanese books!
I love to make bags so I'm hoping the Tote book will come in hand. It's soft cover, 128 pages with 21 patterns. I wish I could have gotten my camera to take a good picture of the inside of this book. The pictures are such good quality!
And last but not least...The Best of Maggie Weldon, Crochet Afghans...soft cover, 112 pages with 36 patterns. I'm a huge fan of her work so I've seen most of these already but now I have my own book to reference to.
I bought all 3 of these books ON SALE, on line at No, its not just for knitters and best of all tons of their books are on sale, 40% off. Just thought I'd share :) Have a great weekend! Take care..xoxox 


  1. Can't wait to see some finished items! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  2. Thanks Merri! You take care!xoxo

  3. Great looking books. So fun to leaf through and get all kinds of ideas and inspiration and to get crocheting.