Monday, February 28, 2011

Stitches have stopped me from stitching!

Colt says "HI"
I really messed up this time! Early Sunday morning I was in my laundry room, thankfully finishing the weeks laundry. In good weather I LOVE to do laundry, love to hang them on the line to dry. But in the winter when I dry everything it seems more like a chore then a pleasure. Anyways...Destiny's hunting knife had found it's way in there some how...
           Let me stop there, in today's world I KNOW I need to explain that last sentence. My daughter, Destiny, and my son Hoss have hunted with their Daddy since they were each about 3 years old. Each at first just going with him and watching and then as they got older handling the dogs and the guns/rifles and such. I apologize for any vegetarian's reading this. Each to their own I say. My hubby was a country boy when I met him at 15 so even though it's not something I would ever do I don't mind so much anymore. I really do get a lot of joy from their dogs (6 total). Hunting dogs, beagles. So cute and so smart! It's amazing how they learn to run a rabbit... But I wouldn't want to offend anyone just the same. I tell you this so you don't think I'm some lunatic mother letting her 12 and 15 yr olds own knives. They've each been through hunter safety courses and they know not to take them to school..and they know the difference between violence in video games and real life. Sorry, a lot of times I feel that I need to explain too much...oh well, while I'm in the long winded mood let me explain one other thing..Haas's name is actually Jeremy Jr,  but he was 10lbs at birth so since the first minute he was born he's been Hoss, I don't think I've explained that middle aged folks in the US will know that name from the TV show "Bonanza" played by actor Dan Blocker. For everyone else that has no idea what I'm talking about it just means he was big. So, just so we're clear I did not NAME my child

Jacklynn,Cowboy, Buckshot playing like
they are camera shy!

.....So back to the hunting knife..I find it in the laundry room, must have come out of their jeans. Whatever possessed me to actually open the knife I don't know. Wish I hadn't! Once I got it open, I couldn't close it! There I stand, in the middle of the room fighting with this very sharp blade and it slips and cuts a huge slice into the top of my hand. Maybe I should have taken the safety courses with them huh! I'm not going to sicken you with the details, I can be kinda queasy myself, but I could see below the skin, so it was pretty deep. Not gonna get anymore graphic then that...sorry. I grab a towel and run upstairs, show it to Jeremy and off to the emergency room we go...2 hours later, a tetanus shot, and several stitches I'm on my way home. Fairly numb, feeling pretty stupid but OK ..everything considered..I take it easy for a while because I had felt lightheaded..not sure if it was seeing the blood or losing it that made me feel that way. As any normal crocheter, I can't just sit in front of the TV, my hands have got to have hook and yarn in them or I feel like I'm wasting time. By this time I'm not quite as numb as I was at first..with each stitch my hand hurts worse..Can you believe my luck! Lots of new yarn and 3 new pattern books and I can't even use it! I'm so frustrated with myself! A stupid 2 second mistake and look whats it's costing me! I haven't been not able to crochet since I first started years ago. I tried to fight through the pain but it is just too great..I'm hoping it should only last a day or so. So here I sit, 430am, not able to sleep for the pain and typing one should be a real joy today! Especially since I type all day long! I really wanted to have a few TADDDAHHSS this week, don't think that's gonna happen!
Clockwise from top,Outlaw, Kain, Abel...
first day of school.

I wasn't going to share this with you guys but thought maybe someone could learn from my mistake..don't mess with things you know nothing about! :) I feel all mistakes are useful as long as you learn from them, I've definitely learned my lesson! Since this one was so painful I thought I'd try to save you the agony....but then again, I'm sure not everyone out there is as stupid as I!
Have a great week and please no messing with knives or any other sharp tools! lol

Sorry, didn't seem real without a picture...

Love Stitch..(Jeremys "original" new term of endearment for me)xoxoxo


  1. Hello! I noticed that you popped in for a visit. Thanks so much! Sorry about your hand. Hope it heals quickly. I know how you must feel - itchy hands :)

  2. Oh my Nicole! I probably would have fainted if it were me. Rest up! Get organized! Then you'll be back hooking in no time! Hope you feel better soon! Cheers!

  3. Oh my goodness Nicole, this looks really nasty! Poor you.
    I agree with Merri. Take it easy look through those crocheting books and work out new projects, just give the hand a rest!
    I've sent you a Rav mail Nicole, and thanks for your kind comments today.Take it easy next time, becareful!!!
    Love Suex

  4. Thank you all for your kind words..I'm just a hotmess! :) Take care! xoxoxo your email Ms. Sue, thanks so much!

  5. Oh yes, that looks nasty and you must take care. Your hands are important and your health has to take priority. I hope all is better soon.

  6. ouchie's!! >hugs xxxx i guess i had a sliced finger aound the same time hehe filleting a seabass at work what are we like take it easy my lovely xxx