Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proud Mom

Hi everyone! What a crazy week I've had. One of those weeks where you really don't stop but it seems like you never really get anything accomplished....yeah, one of those. I've hardly had any hook time for myself...Just a few squares here and there,  I do think they turned out lovely though. A  few are a little bright, to say the least :) don't you think!
I've recently started teaching Destiny how to crochet, which makes me extremely happy. Well... happy is a bit of an understatement. I can remember when she was a toddler and would take the hook from my hands and wrap the yarn around  it, so proud of herself.  I've  tried several different times to teach her over the years. Each time she would try her hardest for a few days and then finally toss it aside in frustration. But this time she's done it! Something finally clicked! YES!!! What a feeling! I'm so proud of her! I have to admit, it does take a good bit of time from my own crocheting, but who cares... right! It won't always be like that...I know my days of being "needed" are numbered so I'm enjoying them while they last. After al1, she is 15...will be 16 in 3 months (as she keeps reminding me).
I would love to share with you what she's working on but, like her father, she is a perfectionist and has already informed me that no pictures are allowed yet. You can be sure as soon as I'm given the "OK"  I will have plenty of them posted .
I had her start with a chain, then single crochet, then double. I had her try just a basic granny square and this was a lot harder. I'm not sure if it's my teaching abilities or lack thereof, or what. Any suggestions? Maybe it's just too much too fast...

My son on the other hand, has started his first semester in sewing class. As you can imagine he is not at all happy about this. Hoss is 100% boy and feels this is such a waste of his time. Trying to get him more excited about the idea, I took a trip to Joann's and found the most adorable wildlife fabric. A mountain view with Elk, Bear and Deer. (his class is making gym bags) He likes the material but I don't think it changed his view much. Thankfully he's a pretty layed  back kid, so even if it's not his favorite thing, I'm sure he'll still do a great job.
I did find this remnant while I was at Joann's. It's very similar to what I bought for Hoss and I knew Jeremy would just love it... So, I made him a pillow. What do you think? Nothing fancy, took  maybe 15 minutes. I think it's pretty "deer" hehehe. For $2 I couldn't pass it up.

 Take care! Have a great day!xoxo


  1. Oooh fabulous cushion, my lovely xxx Can't wait to see Destiny's squares, go for it my sweet show mum what a great teacher she is ;) xxxx keep warm my lovelies xxx

  2. OHH my Amanda, you are too sweet as always! Thank you my love. Take care! xoxoxoxo

  3. Hello Nicole,
    First of all thanks so much for the comments! Really nice of you.
    I was surprised by Katies drawing today. Shes such a talented young lady plays the piano beautifully too!
    I'm so pleased you showed your Daughter crocheting. My daughters are 25 and not interested at all. I wish I had showed them while they were younger. So go for it while you can! I think its really hard to show someone crocheting. I dont seem to hold the hook the normal way, therefore I find it difficult. Nevermind. I love the cushion gorgeous print.
    Well I'm off to Rav now, hope to see you on there,
    Love Suex

  4. Hi Sue! I had wondered if your daughters shared your love for crochet. It's never too late. They may suprise you one day :) Maybe Katie would be interested in learning HEHE..she seems to be such a creative person...music, art..she might want to add crochet, oh well, we can always hope..right! :) xoxoxoxo