Friday, May 13, 2011

Croc Bag

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. I haven't been around much lately. Destiny's 16th bday is tomorrow and her party has taken up every spare minute I have, not that I'm complaining. :) She's more then worth it. I finished this bag ages ago and hadn't shared it with you yet.

This is the Croc Bag pattern Shanti wrote and you can find it HERE. Once you get the hang of the stitch it's really fun to make. It is a yarn eater just to warn you, but the outcome is well worth it.

I have lots to catch up on..after this Birthday Weekend is over I hope to be able to. I miss seeing whats going on with everyone!
Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care! xxx


  1. That bag is absolutely adorable. I've done a stitch similar to it and it really does eat the yarn.

  2. The croc bag is pretty - and unique. I'm sure your daughter will love it. Happy 16th Birthday to her. :)

  3. It's adorable!!!! I love it!!!!!
    Thanks for testing!

  4. That stitch looks soooo clever! I'd love a tea cozy made in it but how would I decrease?....hmmmmm maybe I'll try it after I do the UJ blanket which I shall be starting this autumn. I think It'll be a fantastic winter warmer project...but then again I don't know if I can wait.......

    I will, I promise, get around to rereading your emails and answering them properly. I feel awful that you took such time to write to me and I haven't yet replied.

    Happy 16th Birthday Destiny!!!


  5. ooo, love the GREEN!! Very pretty! As for being MIA don't feel happens to all of us, LOL!

    Happy Birthday Destiny!! Have a sweet 16 kind of day! Cheers! ~M

  6. That bag is really cute. Happy 16th birthday to your daughter. They grow up so fast, don't they? Take care.

  7. hello! I am such a fan of that croc bag! I ended up at your blog this morning by way of cruising ravelry- I saw a newbie knitter (like me) seedstitch13, and saw a comment on her blog. now, I feel nuts even doing this but I have received so much help and advice from my LYS, the web, YouTube, and I just couldn't help myself! I bought a 'learn to knit' book when I was pregnant with my 9yo. after several attempts I threw it all away in frustration and had my mother teach me crochet, and a blankie was made. I dabbled here and there. then this fall I got it in my head that knitting was not going to beat me, and my 5yo DD wanted a knit mouse, humpf! as it turns out, after I bought cotton yarn and some cheap needles that cotton is terribly unforgiving! it's quite hard on the hands and has no 'give' to it. and I also found that even though I can crochet and it would seem I should be a continental knitter- English knitting was the only way I could get things right. I'm now learning the continental style so try some colorwork, and now that I know what I'm doing it's better. I just love knitting so much, everything about 'yarn arts' from the people to the yarns to the sheep! and I'm sorry for this long insane comment!

  8. Come back!!!! Miss you! Hope you are well and happy x x x

  9. Hi Nicole - just popping over here to see how you're doing. Hope everything's ok. :)