Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicago Bears Blanket

Happy Monday!

I know Chicago Bears lost yesterday and the Cutler drama continues, but I wanted to share with you the blanket I made a few years ago. It started out being made for my husband but when my son saw it and thought it was for him I couldn't dare break his heart, what kind of mother would I be! The pillow was just made this last Christmas from a remnant I had bought forever ago, not realizing how small it was. Living in Pennsylvania we don't have a lot of Chicago material available so I just jumped at the chance not paying attention to size!
I think the letter in the middle is a little cheesy, but whats done is done, right! It's just your standard granny, no frills. The kind of blanket you can watch TV with and not have to pay attention to what your hands are doing, Oh...I so love those types of projects!

I also wanted to take a moment to thanks Ms. Amanda Challenges for all of her help, kindness, and patience. She truly is a gem, one that I treasure. So Amanda, my lovely... THANK YOU!!
And thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. I so appreciate them.
Take care all...
Nicole xoxo

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  1. Aww Thank you my lovely, you know with work like that i just can't wait to see what else is hiding i'm soo going to look forward to your posting's xx take care my lovely Amanda xxx