Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring, Where are you?

 Days ago when the snow began to fall, I found myself overly excited with anticipation. Very few times a year do we get more then an inch or 2 of snow. So imagine my amazement when we reached 4 inches, then 6, then 8. My excitement was short lived as day in, day out all we've seen is white white white. I don't think I realized how dull white is. It's extremly depressing.My poor wishing well agrees.

My rose bush seconds that notion...

This seemed to lift my spirits some. Odds and ends I've been gathering for My Lovely, that Gem of mine.Pinks, purples,blues, reds. Made me think of Spring being right around the corner. Bringing with it my gardens and all the colors they have to offer.

Makes my fingers itch to rip open this basket full of sunshine. Crochet a lovely ripple, or perhaps a bag...I'm sure by the time the snow melts I could have made both.
But, that won't do. No, not at all.
I need to finish the blanket  I've already started and save this for the person its intended for.

It's a nice reminder that this can't last, Spring will come eventually, I just hope I don't go crazy till then.
Hope you all are warm and seeing better views out your kitchen window then mine.


  1. Oh my word you were'nt kidding when you said you had heap's of snow!! those pics are glorious mind:) and that yarn basket oh my its scrummy yummy delicious :)you sure know how to spoil someone hehe stay warm my lovely much love Amanda xxx

  2. We have been dumped on here too.
    I am really looking forward to the spring. Love looking at your little basket of yarn...always sparks lots of ideas.