Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forgive Me, after all, it is almost 4am!

This too shall pass...whoever said that?? I need to find out. I am generally a very upbeat person but this March weather just aches my bones so.. That is depressing in itself but add that with no Internet service for days at a blog land to cheer me up..anyways..boohoos are over..promise. I detest depressing blogs....

I've been working more on my American Flag blanket for Aunt Penny, which is so slow coming..but it's getting there. Didn't help that I went weeks..OK, months without touching it. It took her stopping by and ooohhhing and aaawwwing over it to get me to pick it up again.
I'd much rather be working on more this rate Ms.Sue will have enough of just my squares for a blanket..:)
I sometimes wonder about the peoples blogs I follow. Where does all the time come from. Maybe if I crocheted as much as I looked at everyone elses crochet projects I'd get more done...note to self...crochet more..look at blogs less..yes..I think I'll try that, see if it helps :)

I must apologize in advance, I usually try to put at least a few pictures per post but I can't get my camera to connect to my computer. I had to take it all apart when I was trying to get Internet service back. I'm sure it's not that hard to do, but beings that it's ....whatever time it is..past 3am I don't want to start banging, hitting, kicking, swearing at it and wake the entire house up :) I was going to wait to post till I did, but it's been so long I can't. to come. I'm actually very proud of this one..sure did shock myself with this one..wait till you see!

On a much more serious note. I wanted to encourage everyone to ask your employers about matching donations to help those in Japan. It never hurts to ask. My employer is matching up to $100,000 per employee with no total limit!! I know not everyone works for a big company but even $10 matched is $20..imagine if a million people did that...every little bit helps. Trust me, I am not one of those proud employees that loves her job. We give millions..prolly billions every year to things I don't agree with, so you prolly won't ever hear this from me again. I know it's a tax write off for them, but I'm proud of them just the same. My employer has an "intranet site" (internal only) set up for us to make is easy for everyone. I'm not sure how to do this but I'm sure I can direct you to someone who can if you need to know. We had two options, the Red Cross (which is what I did) and the other one..goodness..I forget the name and I'm not logged into work computer to see..It's a global one that Dr's Without Borders is part of. Sorry, I can tell you Monday morning if you want to know the other name. Not trying to be pushy...their suffering just breaks my heart to say the least..sorry to go on for so long.
Take to you soon xoxoxoxo


  1. Nicole, thank you so much for writing me on my blog. I'm sitting here in really touched me. I'm sorry to see you share insomnia with me - I went to bed around 5am myself. I questioned deeply whether to share my story online, and then my "short version" ended up being SO long (so many more details I left out trying to make it concise, lol, definitely not my middle name!)

    Hey, if you ever come up a great idea for showcasing your yarn, let me know! We just went searching for ideas yesterday and my ever frugal engineer husband decided to just get plastic bins in the dining room. UGLY. lol But functional.

    And thanks for putting my blog button on your blog - you are just full of surprises. I'm a new follower, btw. Thanks SO much.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I think the "blahs" must just be a part of this dreary March. Couple that with everything else that's going on & I think we are just feeling the World's pain.

    I'm glad to see your hand is healing and you're back to hooking.

    How much wall space do you have in your office? I have an idea for your yarn, but you'll need enough room and wall space for shelves. Not regular shelves though. How about squares turned on the diagonal so they look like diamonds filled with yarn? I'd do it, but I just don't have the room.

  3. March has been soggy here, too. I'm ready for some sunshine. :) Thanks for your sweet comment. I consider myself a closet crafter because not many people outside my family know I sew and make stuff. It's like my secret identity. Hopefully this week shines out for you.

  4. Hello Nicole,
    I'm up till the early hours myself making our Sunshine Blankets. I find it very difficult with family around.
    I'd love an office, where I could have my internet, my yarn, our sunshine blankets in another corner, ooh heaven!!
    Tragedy in Japan, is dreadful so upsetting. You just can't believe what's happened over there.
    Love to you Nicole,
    Heard from A?

  5. Here is a fine example of those shelves we've been discussing. This might be what you saw on flicker....

    I'm afraid that I'm coveting these....oh, the shame.

  6. I feel the same way you do~always questioning HOW these people get THAT much crochet done! It takes me forever just to finish a baby blanket! And there is a blog out there (unmentioned of course) that makes like a quilt a day and posts it on her blog~WHAT? Quilts take months to make ! lol . Who knows~just keep doin what you're doin~it's all good.

  7. Hi Nicole... I hate those down days... I hope you're feeling better now.
    I also feel the same when I spend so much time reading and enjoying blogland instead of doing other things.
    Thank you for your comment on Teresa's earrings!

  8. Hey Nicole hang in there! It's not always greener on the other side of the fence. While you are all ready for spring I'll be hitting the high 90s here this week. Ugh!

    As for sleeping well you could be like me, lol. I'm out cold as soon as my head hits the pillow but the downside is I need more sleep than the average person. Which means I'm sleeping my life away compared...

    See? The grass isn't always greener, LOL! Hope you have a better day! Cheers! Merri