Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh Happy Days!

Good morning! Happy Saturday! I think I've told you before how much I love Saturdays! No work..just shopping ...housework ... all the things that I love! Last night I got to do one of my favorite things too, so before I got too busy today I wanted to share with you. Please don't mind the pictures.(the pic of the blankets) I didn't have a lot of time to keep retaking them.
Last night I had dinner with my in dad sister brother (in laws) and two of my most very favorite niece and nephew Abby and Andy. Whenever I spend any amount of time with them my face always aches when I leave because I've smiled or laughed the entire time. They really are a joy! Andy will be 4 and Abby will be 3 in just a few weeks. They are a year apart to the day. They share the same birthday..March 24th..neat huh.

In a world where most kids are lost without a gaming system and hundreds of dollars of toys Andy is such a breath of fresh air. He can play for hours with imaginary toys..friends..people..animals..his imagination is like nothing I've ever seen before. This is a pic of Andy and Uncle Dude fishing..(in our kitchen of all places)...Andy is the fish caught on the line..hehehe...too funny!

We just found out a few weeks ago that Abby is autistic. This is the first for our family so we all have a lot to learn...I was totally shocked and I think still in a bit of denial but it takes time I guess..She hums and sings and claps and squeals...She makes you smile just looking at her...Here is a pic of Abby, face covered in cheese curls!
Their mom sent me home with most of their blankets I've made them. They need washed and she's scared to ruin them. The yellow and purple heart one took me forever! It was the first and only one I've ever done that way..gave me a great feeling of accomplishment but it was so time consuming. I think the only way I'd ever do another is if I was blessed with another niece, which I doubt will happen...6 nephews..1't think so! lol

I hope you all enjoy your day! I'm off to take Destiny for some girl shopping! Oh boy, her fav! Take care! xoxo


  1. Oh goodness this is a great post Nicole. What gives us most happiness is family, and you sure have a great one! Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs Suex

  2. I'm not sure how you found my blog, but I'm glad you did~I love your name ;) wink. I go by Niki but my name is Nicole too. LOL. I'm bookmarking you on my sidebar. thanks for your kind comment on my quilt top.

  3. The blankets are gorgeous. The children are all darlings and little Abby will do just fine surrounded by such love.