Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crochet Books!!!

Good afternoon! I hope all is well your way. This is a picture of one of the smaller trees in our front yard. I love when they look like this.We've had some lovely weather the last 3 days..beautiful sunshine! It tricked me into thinking Spring was actually here for good. Today has been nothing but cold, wet, constant RAIN..sure did snap me back to reality :)

Yesterday the post man delivered my latest on-line purchase. I actually got them so cheap I should be saying this is what I stole. I ordered them from Annie's Attic..I think they are more expensive then Knitpicks but I found these at a bargain!

"50 Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws"...Hard back  176 pages. Cost $5.95..isn't that amazing! How often can you buy any hardcover book for that price! The pictures in this book are brilliant and it actually has 2 different versions of a blanket I've been wanting to make for a while. I'm not even sure of it's real name..in this book it's referred to as Happy Cartwheels and Peaceful Harmony. I can't describe it, it reminds me of wheels..if that makes sense! Here, I found a picture of what I was trying to describe, much easier! lol 
Click here

"Heirloom Afghans"..176 pages, 53 patterns and hard cover! What a bargain at $3.95. .This has a lot of the lacy Victorian style throws..which I honestly don't do too often BUT who's to say I can't start now..It also has a few patterns with cables...which has always scared me and I've stayed clear of them..but why be scared..I just need to try it and get it over with.

"1-2-3 Skein Crochet"...Soft cover 176 pages $5.95. This is suppose to be an excellent book for stash bashing which is  what made me place the order to begin with. I told myself that with this book I can use up what yarn I have already have instead of the book making me want to buy more..

Well, that and because I just bought a ton of yarn from my cousin. She has been a stay at home mom for 11 years and has decided to return to work. She's doing away with all of it! Says she won't have time. Which, now that I think about it makes no sense. I've always worked, was never a stay at home mom and I've always crocheted..well, I guess I don't have 5 kids either.  I was just thinking about the great bargain I got and not the why. I was too excited to think clearly!We're not talking a few skeins here..were talking her entire supply! What she has acquired in the last 10 years!! Yes!!!!..can you say awesome!!
I haven't picked this up yet, so next week when I'm whining and complaining about space ( like I think I just did a few posts ago) someone just needs to tell me to shut up! lol :) I'm wondering now if I should tell Jeremy before hand or just show up here with it. I think I'll just show up with it...that look will be priceless!!!

 My pictures are terrible! I need to work on that. Take a class or something. I'm not sure if it's the lack of light or what. The camera I have is a pretty nice one so it has to be my picture taking ability, or lack there of..so sorry about that! Hope you have a great week! Take care xxx


  1. OMG! Where did you get those books for those prices!?!? And I will take any yarn left overs if you run out of room! LOL! You had better not complain!

  2. I got them from www.anniesattic.com. I just checked and they are all 3 still there :) I vow to do my very best in the complaining department..lol
    I was planning on doing a giveaway at like 50 followers like most people do..but I can't get past 20. Maybe I'll just owe you 3 skeins each time I whine! lol..what a deal..take care!xx

  3. Gorgeous tree! Beautiful. Lucky you with new books. Great getting yarn anyway you can I say.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I find it very tedious using thread so I do like using cotton for table toppers and place mats and runners so why not a tablecloth? I am not sure if cotton would work for the filet type patterns at all but there are lots of patterns out there perfect for cotton. It also depends on how large you want to do your table cloth as it may become quite a chore but a smaller version would likely be just fine.

  4. Thanks Nicole on the hook size/stitch gauge issue - I will try that!