Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crochet Hooks

 Happy Saturday :)

A few months ago I came across the cutest crochet hooks. Well, it was actually a modification to just  your standard hooks. See for yourself here... I finally found the clay so Thursday night I tried making a few of my own.
Crochet, Crafts & Gardening: ~ crochet hooks re-post ~

I thought the lighting would be too bad for pictures so I waited until Friday to snap a few...
It wasn't much better so I had to throw some crochet squares in there to give it some color.

I only bought two colors of clay...a deep purple and some hot pink. Once I started preparing the clay I realized that not many of my current hooks would go well with these two colors so I only made four of them.

The first one I did was the all pink one. It's a blue hook so I added a blue bead to the bottom of it.

The big fat one that is mostly purple..well that one was Jeremy's idea. He wanted the clay nice and thick on the hook and then had me hold it like I was crocheting. He was sure by doing this the hook would fit in my hand perfectly. Well, he was partly right. The creases and dents are where my fingers go...but the dang thing is so heavy I'd never be able to actually use it to crochet. Oh well, I don't least he tried :)

The mixed colored one with the white bead is my favorite I think

If your hands get sore while crocheting I think you should definitely try this. Even if you just want to make your hooks look pretty and unique this is a great idea. It's also very inexpensive. We all have tons of hooks laying around (even if they aren't the right colors) and I bought the clay at A.C. Moore for under $2 a pack (2oz per pack). I recommend looking at Debi's before you make up your mind. This was only my first attempt so as you can imagine hers are MUCH prettier then mine. Her directions are super easy and it doesn't take much time at all.
Thank you Ms.Debi, I love them!


  1. Hi Nicole - your hooks came out just perfect. You did an amazing job for your first time.

    Now I have to warn you - they are addicting to make. You will keep coming up with different color combinations in your head that you will want to try. Have fun creating. :)

  2. What a clever thing to do. Does it make it easier on your hands?

  3. Thank you you tell me!! lol I'm off to do my weekend shopping and to get more was the warning label?? lol..jk

    Hey Chris, I think they do take the pressure of your hands..I think it depends on how you hold the hook. From looking at tutorials and such I've found that the way I hold a hook isn't the standard way so I can't guarentee. I personally like these much better then the bamboo handles..just my opinion.

  4. Your hooks turned out great! I'm glad you shared about the one that Jeremy helped out with...I would have totally tried to make mine thicker had you not shared that it was too heavy to work with really.

    Isn't Debi great!?!? A real sweetheart for sure. I've been meaning to use her tutorial on my own hooks and keep forgetting...I'm gonna have to put clay on my shopping list right now!

    Thanks for sharing!!
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  5. Thanks Anita. :) I totally agree with you.. Ms.Debi is amazing! She is so talented! I love her crochet designs and her instuctions are written so well. If you go to the link I posted you will see it's a repost..I had come across the first post she did for her hooks but couldn't find it again when I went looking for it..when I asked her where to find it she responded by reposting, how sweet is that!
    I love when I'm able to stop people from repeating my mistakes..they don't feel so much like a mess-up then :)
    Take care!

  6. These are amazing. The Garden Bell has made some in the past. What wacky ideas!
    so unusual, well done!
    Hugs Suex

  7. I thought I had written a comment for you... I see I didn't, weird...
    I get pain in my hands while crocheting, and the best I've found is provocraft hooks, look at them here
    I got them at Waltmart but you can find them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby... the wide handles are great to hold and I don't get so much pain, plus it comes with all the hook sizes I regularly use!
    Your hooks look great!

  8. You did a fantastic job with these hooks!