Monday, April 18, 2011

Crochet with a friend...

I was working on my Pretty In Pink bag Sunday when my buddy stopped by the house. We were sitting side by side on the love seat talking and watching the guys play the xbox (that's starting to turn into a very bad habit). They were watching me do one single crochet after another and said, my that looks easy. So I gladly handed my project over and said here you go, give it a try since it's so easy...

This was the was actually right. The tension was terrible of course but over all, for a first timer, not too shabby...what do you think????

My buddy, Mike, wasn't at all happy when I snapped some pics of him. lol.. Did you think those hairy arms were mine??? lol
He's such a good sport :) Wanted to share with you...
Have a great Monday! xoxoxo


  1. Too cute! At least he was open minded enough to try! Who knows what this might lead to....

  2. Not too bad for a 1st try - you think he'll do any more? :)

  3. Phew they aren't your arms, I wondered how I was going to broach grooming with you! Ha ha!! "Ummmmmm Nicole? I need to talk to you about your very hairy arms......!" xxx

  4. Thanks Melissa, he's a good guy..and a great friend..not too many people would let me do what he does :)

    Debi I sure do wish he would, I think he'd be truly great at it..caught on VERY fast..but I doubt it! So sad..a waste of a good crocheter. :)

    Only you Cuckoo..only you! lol..missed you!

  5. That is fun!!! I have a friend that once told me "well, if I've helped you wind your yarn and decipher patterns, I should know how to crochet as well, so show me" and it was something very fun to do. He doesn't crochet but he learned really fast that time!