Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hook making...again!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a peachy day and able to enjoy this gorgeous weather!  I wish more then anything I was off work today. I can see this birdhouse from my office window. Birds have been there all day except when I try to take a picture :)

I had so much fun making those nifty little hook handles I wanted to make some more. I've actually been wanting to make more since the day I started. Ms.Debi tried to warn me that they were addicting, but her words of caution came a little too late. Not only do I have an addiction problem with yarn and crochet books, we can now add homemade HOOKS to that as well!
 I know I just posted this a few days ago but I would never want anyone to think I came up with this idea myself, can find the directions for these adorable creations  HERE. Thank you once again Ms.Debi :)

I purchased a few more packs of clay..white, blue, and orange. I didn't have as much time to do these as my first batch so I'm not liking these as much as the first few.   Tell me what you think.....

I tried taking a few pictures outside to see if it helped show the colors better. I'm not so sure it did though..

The orange colored one actually has blue mixed with it but in these pics it looks more like purple.
The blue is really dark, hard to believe mixing the white with it gave me this baby blue color, I love it :)
These... like I said ..were rushed..but still turned out ok. I know from now on I'll only do them when I have nothing else going on. (if you look at the baby blue one you can see where the bottom part kind of bends outward) Oh well. I like them, thats all that matters.
Have you guys made any of these yet? I'd love to see them. :)

Enjoy the rest of your day...Take care!xxx


  1. Those look awesome! No I haven't made any yet but it is on my list of things to do. Oh one of these days, lol. Love the Orange! :)

  2. I am refraining right now...I...must...refrain.....

  3. Thanks Merri, our "to do" lists are never ending aren't they! :)

    Your being so good Melissa..with all those birthdays coming you have your hands full!:)

  4. Oh I love Debi's hooks too~Yours came out great.
    Your office view is lovely!

  5. They look good Nicole. I like the blue & white one too. :)

  6. Nicole! your hooks are gorgeous! I specially liked the baby blue one!!! and your books from the prev post!! OMG what a bargain!! I'm sure they worth the price just for the fun of looking at them!
    THANK YOU so much for your words on my blog... I was a bit down and you cheered me up! thanks girl!
    now I'm off for an afternoon treat and some hooking!