Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty in Pink Bag

Well, I finished this rather quickly. Well... quick by my standards. I'm trying to think when I started it..let me hop on over and see. I know I started it the day it was posted...Ok, Saturday April 16th..of THIS YEAR! Not too bad for an ole slow poke :)

The pattern was very easy to follow. You can find it HERE. (Thank you Debi, once again!! For the pattern and for answering all my silly questions!)

 I think it would be great for anyone, a beginner or advanced. And the best part is you don't need to line it.
 I'm not at all happy with the handles though. I looked for the ones like Debi used and couldn't find them. Since I had my heart set on them I should have known nothing else was going to be good enough. I tried crocheting a few, hated them. Tried just a wooden handle, nope. So, I cut straps off an old bag that was given to me that I knew I'd never use. Down fall there was they were I had to do something and this is what I came up with.

 I wrapped the yarn  around those ugly black straps and TA-DAH...this is it. I wrapped them just like you'd make one of those thread bracelets the kids wear, some things are like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. I wrapped them at work today so they aren't exactly even in color. I tried counting but when your talking on the phone and getting dates, cpt codes, icd-9 codes...all those numbers start to run together. I can multi-task with the best of them but some things weren't meant to be done at the same time :)

As you can see here I did sew them on rather loose so when I do finally come across those beautiful handles, it will only take a second  to snip snip..and these are gone.

Something else I need to point out is that I used a K hook and I know I should have used a bigger size...(grabbed what I thought was an L)..oh well, not too bad. Except for the handles I am really pleased with it. I'm still thinking about adding a bow..I'm not very girly but I like Debi's bag with it. I really just wanted to finish it asap, am feeling a little guilty that I started something new with all the others I have on the go. To make matters worse I have that " I COMPLETED SOMETHING" feeling now so it's like ok, lets find something new since I got one

I didn't finish until it was dark so I tried to take pictures in different areas..different light..I don't think it helped. For some reason Josephine is in love with this bag! I had to get Destiny to hold her to keep her out of the pictures, even when I put it up high. I thought Des would be the one claiming this but Josie beat her to it!

Hope everyone is doing well. The week is more then halfway over..Take care!xxx


  1. well you're tons quicker at this than I am LOL.
    Looks great! and love your new header! happy easter if I don't get back here by Sunday!

  2. You did it pretty quick girl!!! enjoy it! is very lovely!

  3. Well done you! Looks great. I think using a smaller hook was a oood mistake as your bag will be all the more sturdy. I like the handles but I know what you mean when it's not how you envisaged it. Now, get on and do that blanket I'm so in love with! xxx

  4. I really like how that turned out. The pooling is lovely. I just may have to give this one a try--I've never made a bag before. Great job! Take care.

  5. Oh, I love it Nicole. Love how the colors look like they're swirling. Very creative with the handles - which look good. An idea to use instead of the bow is to crochet a few rows of sc using a matching solid color - weave it thru and then sew the ends together. :)

  6. Hi Nicole,
    OOH dont you just love seeing the men crochet? I think the photo is great, it looks as though he's enjoying it!
    The bag has turned out beautifully, these are my favourite combination of colours pink and green. I always remember our first bathroom pink and green, thats nearly 30 years ago!
    HAVE A GREAT EASTER! Thanks for stopping by, work out in the garden this weekend after the buuilders!
    Love Suex

  7. Just wanted to tell you... you made my day with your comment about my cupcakes!!! thanks!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy much!

  8. You are so talented I am in awe of you and your creativity. I am a follower now and will be, come by and enter my blog give away.